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Things are moving fast these days - Spring's Astrological Perspective

So I was chatting with my favourite astrologer, Marielle Croft, the other day - because spring - and I wanted to share the transcript with you, so you can get a quick feel for the next few months ahead.

Things are moving FAST these days and you don't want to be the one saying, "What happened?"

You want to be the one saying, "I'm prepared." Knowwhatimean?

I love sharing the seasonal chats I have with Marielle, with you. That way we ALL reap the benefits of having a deep but quick glance around the upcoming and ongoing planetary influences.

The way I see it, the planets in the Milky Way influence the POTENTIAL occurrences and POTENTIAL energetic opportunities. Right now we're at the beginning of spring which I know a lot of people look forward to after the darker days and longer nights of winter. The actual spring equinox is coming up...when?


Marielle Croft:

The Sun arrives at zero degrees in Aries on Thursday, March 19th, 2020, at 8:51 pm, PDT. This is what determines when the actual spring equinox begins.

Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac, is the one that has the most driven energy. It is as if there is an irresistible push to move forward and to explore and to embrace all that life has to offer.

After all, Aries is the first of 12 zodiacal signs. What begins here must carry its energy through each one of those signs before completing its journey at the very end of Pisces and then starting all over again at each subsequent spring equinox.

In astrology, it is described as an evolutionary journey through the zodiac. How it works is that each sign contains the archetypes of the previous ones, plus their own. This way, as we get deeper into the zodiac, each sign becomes more complex and profound, leading to the 12th one, Pisces.  

Pisces becomes the most sensitive, mystical, and empathic because it contains the qualities of the entire zodiac. It is sort of ‘been there, done that, nothing surprises me, I understand humans, I don’t judge.’

From the spring equinox, the powerful and joyful energy of Aries is visible everywhere in nature as well. Birds mate and busy themselves around their nest; buds grow and bloom on the trees; humans shed heavy winter garments and are seen refreshing their nest too. Don’t we observe people starting some spring cleaning, washing windows, doing garage sales, and such?   


Jonni Gray:   

Definitely!   I also know that the planet Mars is having a deeply felt influence on everyone right now. Can you speak to when and how and why it's such a big influencer?    

Marielle Croft:
Aries is a Fire sign. Mars is Aries’ ruler and carries fiery energy as well. Mars is a planet of action, force, vitality, energy, and boldness.
In mid-January 2020, we had a powerful conjunction between Saturn and Pluto at 22 degrees in Capricorn. Such a meeting always has a global impact and, over the coming 35+ years, it will bring some visible changes in the way we experience our civilization until they meet again then in a different sign.

Capricorn represents the structures, organizations, institutions, and systems that run our private life as well as the world in which we live.

So far, 2020 has brought a variety of issues that are unusual such as:

  • The US Impeachment trial.
  • The blockade on the Canadian railways.
  • The global pandemic, Covid-19 from the coronavirus family.

In 2019, I studied the powerful conjunction Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn that was coming up in mid-January 2020. At that time, it felt huge and intense, as if the world would come to a halt.

I tried to convince myself it couldn’t be that dramatic but look at it now. The world really has come through so much in just a matter of a few months. We've observed a general stop with schools closing down for a few weeks, public events cancelled, businesses deserted; some countries have even closed their borders.

Now, on March 19 (Equinox day), Mars joins the very 22 degrees in Capricorn I just mentioned. Both Mars and Jupiter occupy this degree with Saturn and Pluto nearby. What does this mean?

Mars certainly brings a greater pressure for solutions - lasting solutions, that is. Mars can be pushy but in Capricorn, it tends to be patient. When the outcome is crucial, it is worth doing things properly and that can take a bit more time.

During the spring season, certainly, some leaders will stand out with a cool mind and a practical sense of collaboration. Collaboration is profitable to all involved and not more for one to the detriment of the other. Mars with Jupiter is about real results and healing. Mars, the trigger, is here to keep people busy until it's done.
Jonni Gray:
So the mid-January conjunction of Saturn-Pluto means that a new long-term cycle is beginning, right? What is the direction it might take?

Marielle Croft:

We already see a few signs. Remember what we said about the evolutionary journey through the zodiacal wheel? What goes on in a given sign will naturally reshape itself in the following sign.

Here we have this huge global halt dictated by the Capricorn event. It is real congestion. Everything is energy though and energy will always find a way to redirect itself.

From Capricorn, everything moved toward the following sign, Aquarius, which is now showing the new way. Technology is an Aquarius specialty, as well as collaboration, invention, individual responsibility. All of it is Aquarius.

Do we see signs that we already evolve in that direction? Absolutely!

As of this week, most large companies are requesting their employees and partners work from home. What makes it possible? Technology! How Aquarian!

What seems to be a temporary solution may become a permanent trend. If so, new technology tools may develop to make even more efficient working from home. The technology industry may have to augment significantly their power to carry more online traffic. That is a movement forward from the mid-January crossroad already starting to be visible. And it won’t go back to what it once was. 

This is only one example. Pay attention to the signs; they’ll be visible. We are creating a new civilization and it's calling will guide our path into it.

Jonni Gray:
Fascinating! Okay, we just went through another Mercury Retrograde and I know many people are glad it's over. Of course, it gave us all the opportunity to clean up and finish projects and situations that we may have left undone for a while. There's another planetary retrograde coming up this spring. Isn't there?

Marielle Croft:
That’s right! Mercury just completed its first of three rounds being retrograde throughout the year 2020.
The 2nd round will be from June 18th to July 11th in the sign of Cancer and the 3rd one will be from October 14th to November 2nd in Scorpio.

Mercury’s retrograde cycles always offer an opportunity to review where we are at, to undo and redo, to perfect, to improve. It also brings its natural shadow that is to make mistakes, to be forgetful, to misread information or to miscommunicate. For that reason, it always is important to sleep on important decisions, to review twice rather than once whether that's important documents, phone numbers, addresses, dates of events, etc.

Every planet will go retrograde - not the Sun or the Moon though as they are not planets. Those with a larger orbit generally impact society more than individuals. They are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto.

The planets with a smaller orbit are called ‘personal planets’ and their impact is felt more in our individual life. Those planets are Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

We already mentioned that Mercury goes retrograde three times every year, but Venus and Mars don’t. This year, though, they’ll have their retrograde turn.

Venus will be retrograde from May 13th to June 25th in the sign of Gemini. Venus represents love, arts, money, pleasure, sensuality, harmony, grace - all the pleasant stuff, basically.

When Venus goes retrograde, it helps to review your finances, to make plans for greater prosperity but not to invest until it becomes direct again. Often people from the past may resurface during this time. It is a wonderful time for artistic creativity, research, exploration of new styles but not to launch a project until it goes direct.

In Gemini, Venus is about having lots of fun, connecting with more people than ever, creating an explosion of new ideas, visuals, and artistic suggestions. Watch it on social media!

Jonni Gray:
And the planet Mars is also going Retrograde? Is that soon? What does that mean and when can we expect that?

Marielle Croft:
Indeed, Mars will have its turn being retrograde this year too. It’ll be from September 9th to November 14th in its own sign of Aries.

During this cycle, Mars will reconnect with the famous 22 degrees in Capricorn I've mentioned previously. This time the connection is aggressive and impatient, unlike the steady grounded way it represented itself in early spring.

The collaboration may become difficult to maintain. A tiny ‘faux-pas’ could spark surprising reactions that seem much bigger than their trigger. People may feel tired because things are still not completely resolved or moving on smoothly. This could cause some people to try and fix it themselves in ways that could be harsh.

On the other hand, lots of individuals may realize that if they don’t take their responsibilities as a society member, it won’t work best for them in the long run. It could be a global wakeup call for people to really become aware and involved in the politics that run the world in which we live. If lots of people were in the habit of letting others take care of the affairs of the world, this time they may realize that they must wake up and participate.
Jonni Gray:
Yes! I feel the energetics in the same way, Marielle, so I am poised as you are, to support all those who are ready to take up their responsibilities as members of society, the human race, and as guardians of the planet Earth.
Thank you SO much for this. There's lots to chew on. We will speak again before the summer solstice.
Marielle Croft:
Yes, I look forward to that too. Thank you.

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