Jul 25, 2020

This is what you wanna keep your eyes on

Change IS happening, but it's slow. Almost plodding along.

We know the planets are influencing this (5 retrogrades? *thank you very much*) but it's also the EVOLUTIONARY energy rather than the REVOLUTIONARY energy.

Evolution energy is slow, but it's continuous. It's steady, progressive. It's a movement in a direction. 

Revolution energy is fast and erratic. It's volatile, disruptive. It's a forceful change that doesn't wait until everyone's on board with it.

WE'RE LIVING IN EVOLUTIONARY TIMES and that's purposeful to our expanding consciousness. It's important that we sync our thoughts and emotions and actions together. It takes more time. It includes more depth. And bigger reasons why. 

That doesn't make it comfortable though. And it's certainly not the dramatic before-and-after energy of a revolution where we can feel the beginning and the ending.

Evolutionary energy isn't dramatic at all.

Oh sure, there are spikes, distractions, bursts of visible change. But the actual change, the actual BIG CHANGE, is what you wanna keep your eyes on.

I look at everything - seriously, everything - through a psychospiritual lens. That means I look for the deepest meaning to understand what's going on and why. 

I look at the whole world and all the moving parts in it that way. And if I'm fortunate enough to speak with you, I'll look at you with that lens and share what I see. 😉


Love, Jonni and her evolutionary lens

PS) For the last week or so, my entire house has been getting a much-needed upgrade on its doors. We've replaced 4 huge double french doors and their side-kick windows. Which means a whole heckuva lot more light is coming in. At first, it felt like a fishbowl, but I know there's more meaning there. I'm ready to expose myself  - no, not that way. I'm bringing through more light and more reflection. No holds barred. I'm willing to be seen. I'm on a mission to transform the world. To step up and be an even more active member of this evolution. Watch this space for more. 

Did the universe conspire to bring us together, or what?

Maybe a trusted confidante dropped my name, or maybe you fell down an internet rabbit hole in search of a spiritual psychologist. Or, who knows, maybe the stars aligned and you found me on Insta. However it happened, I'm here for you. However it happened, I'm glad the universe brought us together. Ready to explore the cosmos of your inner self with a trusted confidante?

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