23 years ago, the channelled energy of Sage suggested I hold my first in-person group. They said I would bring through the energy. I wasn’t so sure. But I trusted Sage and the energy of spirit, so I held my first group.

It was September. I held another one in October and each month after that. And the energy started to flow. The love was deep for me, but I didn’t know how to open that up for others, yet.

By the time we turned the corner on the new century (2000), I had moved my office from Granville @ 11th to a much bigger heritage-house-turned office on Howe @ Pacific. Sage requested I hold the groups every week, so Tuesdays became the drop-in evening for anyone and everyone who felt called to be in the energy when I spoke.

Back then I called them meditations - modern meditations - because I didn’t know what they were. Every Tuesday I held the space for the gatherings and sometime in there, Sage asked me to light more points on the map and find other locations as well.

Siobhan O’Connell said she would host a group in her clinical physiotherapy space, Trimetrics, on the North Shore, so I added an additional gathering there every Saturday afternoon.

A bookstore in Steveston said they would host a weekly gathering on Sunday mornings. Done.

A bookstore in Coquitlam said the same thing for Wednesdays. Check.

My son Connor came with me to each and every group, and although he was only 7 years old when I started, from the age of 11 until he was 22, he sat in every circle and anchored earth-to-heaven with me.

When Connor went off-grid in 2012 (at 22), I remember I wandered in nature many times a day, anchoring myself by touching every plant until I started receiving my messages from Sage AND Connor 2.0.

My messages became amplified at that point. More clear and direct. I received the message to hold virtual groups twice a week, so I set them up with videos and meditation-styled messages and group phone calls.

In July 2013, one-offs were replaced by MasterCourses - a series of channelled messages offered online and by phone. My friend and co-channeller, Cheryl, and I created them together.

Within months I was nudged to hold the circles in person again, but in a different setting and with an elevated purpose, so I created the 9-month in-person Mentoring Program from September 2013 to June 2014.

That was followed by many more live online MasterCourses. Right now I'm getting ready to bring through the 40th MasterCourse this winter.

The channelled messages and the structure always adapt to the current collective vibration. It evolves and deepens. Over the past 23 years, I've noted, it’s quite perfect that way.

As I’ve said countless times over the years, (until the earth’s pandemic picked up the phrase), we’re in this together. All of it. The good, the messy, the earthly, the spiritual. And together we can evolve from me to we.

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