I was a vegetarian when I met my husband, Blake, 12 years ago. Actually I was a pescatarian. (That's someone who eats fish).

I had been a vegan for many years (vegans can eat sugar, right?) - but I missed eggs. And I LOVE eggs. More than sugar. So I added eggs to my diet. Oh, and yogurt. And then butter. And before I knew it, I wasn't vegan anymore. (it happens.)

Looking back, I realized I was making decisions about how to fuel my body based on short-sightedness. I forgot why I was making those choices and simply went with my cravings.

And then Blake came into my life. Blake, the hunter/fisherman. If this relationship was going to last, I needed to re-evaluate my choices. I needed to understand the bigger reasons for my dietary choices.

I started with reading 'The Butcher and the Vegetarian' and that was...interesting...but didn't really help me bridge the gap. Neither did conversations with my meat-eating friends.

So I dialled myself back to when I made the conscious decision to stop eating meat and meat products. I needed to remember who I was and the reason for my decision so I could re-evaluate my choices today.

Choices are big deals. Or they should be. The better we're informed, the better choices we can make because we see the consequences and repercussions of our decisions.

That's why I loved it when I brought through a whole lotta messages from Sage about making choices and what that means. There's a lot of conflicting information out there and I don't want someone telling me what to do. I want to be informed and make decisions for myself. I want to be in the driver's seat. And if I'm caught speeding, I'll pay the ticket. I'll take responsibility for my choices and actions. But I want to fully understand the choices first. Are you with me?

Anyway, I took all those messages from Sage and stuffed them into a dense 42-page eBook. Jam-packed as they say. I titled it, 'Your Choices = Your Future' - because that pretty well sums it up.

In 'Your Choices = Your Future', Sage gives a macro and a micro view of all the little choices we make and how they add up. From what products we choose in our household to what we do about global warming and everything in between. Everything. Including food choices. (The message about choosing to eat meat clinched it for me!)

You can download the eBook right here and get the big picture understanding yourself. You can see the deeper meaning of the choices you make on a daily basis and how they contribute to your future and the future of the planet. 


Love, Jonni the foodie

PS) The good news is that I resolved both my food choices and my relationship by becoming a Blaketarian. But I'll leave that for another story. 😉

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