What Do You Call This?

  • I believe you don’t need to be fixed because you’re not broken. That’s not a belief I personally or professionally subscribe to. Do you?
  • I believe that there’s nothing really wrong with the way most people love or parent or attempt to achieve.

But if the way you choose to do and experience these things isn’t giving you the results you want or the experience you desire, you may want to resource yourself with a conscious-raising conversation from an expanded perspective with someone who has the range to be able to connect you to those parts of yourself you may not be accessing, in order to allow you to move with more ease in your life.

  • I believe that we have everything inside ourselves, but we may not be accessing it.
  • I believe that we can all benefit from communicating with someone who has opened up the ability to see and sense from a higher, broader perspective that we may not be presently connected to.


As a transpersonal psychologist, woke coach, channeller, and outsourced soul guide (insert wink), I promise to gently and lovingly hear your fears, your sadness, your frustrations AND your wants and desires.

Then I’ll navigate a more understanding, productive path between the two positions: a path that accesses your greater abilities so you can begin to see and make the connections yourself.

  • My purpose is not to solve your problems, but to put you in touch with your own inner power, so you can undeniably see what you must do and how you might shift.
  • My purpose is not to come between you and your freedom by giving you "answers," even to the most seemingly serious of problems, but by illuminating for you how to see through the eyes and heart of the highest version of you. 
  • My purpose is to reinforce your strength and ability so you are well equipped to find understanding, fulfillment, and peace in your life.

Make no mistake, you’ll do the work. But I will shine the light. I will expose those parts and paths inside of you that you may have kept hidden by fear or limitation or uncertainty. The illuminated perspective will assist you in awakening and owning your abilities, your beliefs, and your knowledge, because you’re going to make fresh choices about the best navigational route to take from now on.

If you have found yourself adrift or blocked by some fear or doubt, some insecurity, guilt, blame, or shame, then getting to the desired place of happiness and fulfillment may require some navigation. That path wasn’t created in a day. 

But once the perspective of your path is lit up so you can see it, once that fabulous inner stretch - that light-bulb, that woke moment, occurs - then bringing this new awareness into your decisions and activities is a life-altering shift.

You won’t be fixed, because you were never broken. You were merely overshadowing your whole understanding by fear or worry or control or some other emotion.

Then, when you rise above the fog and finally look at your situation, you’ll have much more awareness, compassion, and self-love. And THAT will leverage new choices based on the newfound truth that pave the road forward.

I want to help you connect to your strength and power so you’ll know that your perceived problems are not really problems but situations that need more illumination of purpose and meaning.

I call that opening, inviting, and reaching for an expanded awareness, far beyond the tender fears and strongly-held control. I call that coming out of hiding and being guided into living.


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