Mar 11, 2022

If you've been following me on Instagram the last 8 days you'll know I've been endlessly talking. I've posted my maximum allowed words every morning, and countless IG Stories. 

What have I been passionately talking about? The next level of love. Because as we all watch the events of the world, we're seeing it being created right now.⁠

What I know is that love isn't just dynamic. It's A dynamic. It's the stuff of life. The glue that keeps it all together. Love is Source Energy. Love is expansive energetics. 

The kind of love I'm talking about is a room bursting with light, your heart bursting with joy, the biggest beaming you could feel or imagine.

And when we activate *this* love, we're activating FULL SPECTRUM LOVE.⁠ (Cool name, right? It's the best way I can describe it.)

The future of love has arrived because we've created a new understanding of it.  ⁠

What do I mean by that? Well, it's not based on a SINGULAR form of love. It's based on the INTEGRATION of previous forms to create something magical, mindful, and meaningful. ⁠(My favourite m words.)

Right now there's an abundance of integration of thoughts and creations. What was separate is now coming together, joining together, forming together. I mean, we're multi-relational beings. We know it's not just black or white. It's not just male or female. ⁠

I'm passionate because there's a great coming together that's happening right now. It's an acceptance that love permeates through the polarities. ⁠

👉 Love can be about duty, obligation, & responsibility. It can be about things you have in common. ⁠

👉 Love can be 'don't rock the boat', get along, make it work, keep it nice, compliance.⁠

👉 ⁠Love can be a longing, a misunderstanding, a confusion, a source of contemplation.⁠ Have you ever said, “I love you”. And later, “I don't love you anymore”? Or has someone said those words to you? ⁠

That's one of the greatest confusion about love. Or at least about romantic relationship love, because that's the most common understanding of love. ⁠

❤️ But there is LOVE BETWEEN, even when there isn't LOVE OF. ❤️

Love doesn't have to be just for another person. Because when that changes, we change who we believe we love.⁠

The love is between. The love is us IN love.⁠

That way we're responsible for the love. It's not our partner, our potential partner, the other person. It's us moving through our day IN THE LOVE.⁠ 🥰

If love had a billion times a billion channels (and it does), we can choose which channel we're on every moment of every day.⁠

That's why we might not love our partner some days but love them other days. It's not what we have in common. It's not the full moon, either.⁠ 😜

Those are influences, but it's that WE'VE CHANGED CHANNELS OF OUR OWN LOVE.

We flick the channels depending on our reactions to things and experiences. Happy with this; frustrated by that; bored by this; eager for that. ⁠🤦‍♀️

Every emotional reaction we have shifts the dial of the channel of love.⁠ 😳

It's easier to love our partner or love another when we've dialled up, dialled greater, dialled in a more expansive way. It's a broader, bigger, beam. A beam of love. ⁠❤️ ⚡️

BUT when we're in the emotional limitation of frustration, fear, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, any form of limitation, it's more difficult to connect with others if they're not on that channel as well.⁠

(It's a lot more complex than this but I'm simplifying it as best I can.)

In our electromagnetism, we have a frequency that attracts and repels. When we're in the love, dialling up greater and greater vibrational channels, broader, beamier, we're more attractive. And we're more attracted. ⁠🙌

When we're keeping it small because of our emotional reactions of limitation, it's condensing our great beam of love, denting it, darkening it, thickening it. It's repellent. 🤔

The future of love is a combination of previous forms of love. It doesn't eliminate them. It combines them together. 

👉 There'll always be emotional love that'll go into the next creation of love. 

👉 There'll always be an obligation of love, the responsibility of love, a commitment of love, that'll go into the new creation of love.

THE CONTRAST is love as lust, a strong arc of attraction. 

And the two are rarely brought together. They're more often kept separate. (Affairs and other entanglements.)

And so what's come from that is the desire to uncouple from the duty, responsibility, commitment, & contract of love. 

But from one form of love to another person with the same forming of love doesn't result in the success or consistency of happiness if that's the goal.


The container hasn't developed. They've chosen another person they say they have more in common, they're easier to be with, they're nicer, they're more this and less that.

But changing partners and yet retaining the same structure or container of love is not evolution. It's a repeating pattern.

So if you're thinking of changing partners, you'll need to upgrade your structure of love. If you're in the same partnership year after year, decade after decade, you'll also need to upgrade your structure of love. That's evolution. 

Evolution has to happen, even within the same relationship. That means recognizing you're not looking for the same, for ease, but for growth and uplevelling and expansion.

Everyone on the planet deserves to be uplevelled, to be resourced by someone, to be more. It's not what's given though. It's internal.

If you meet someone and you're in the love, dialled up, beaming a high level, one of the billions and billions of fine-tuning vibrations of love, you're the model, the leader. You're the change that all evolution requires. 🙌

We can love anything: object, plant, animal, human, sex, etc. The walls that limited us or defined love for us are dissolving and allowing. Love is not simply an emotion. Love is a drive.

👉 As an emotion, love drives those who are in pursuit of the elixir of life. They feel love is the immortality fountain of youth. It's what keeps them feeling young and alive and seen.

It's a natural state to desire to be cherished and adored, to be seen and heard. And it's our responsibility to channel into our vibration of love.

Those who've been thwarted by love, who are biased against their version of love, who felt harmed or hurt by another and then changed their understanding of love, have contributed to the philosophy of love, putting out posters and tweets and books about their understanding of their version of love.

This has contributed to the chaos and the confusion. The antidote that is then sought is in the calm, in the committed consistency, the security, the dependability. And yet with the highest experience of emotional thrust that goes into it.

So the combination factor of “I want to feel this way every day” is the expectation that's then placed on a partner. And when that's not experienced by the person because their own channel of love wanes its illuminescent beam, they change partners. They question their partnership. They distract themselves. They find another source outlet, a repeating pattern, an addiction, an obsession or compulsion.

In the relationship you're in, are you are in the beginning, middle, or end-stage of a cycle? Your commitment to this relationship over time means you're in the stage of consistency toward seeing the reflection of your own love.

It's easy enough for a person to change partners or to go partnerless. But to remain with a partner and continue to see the reflection of our own love channel is a brave process.

Some days we'll see this; some days we'll see that. That's our emotional ups and downs. That's the influences of the times we're in and the cosmos' affectations. It's where we're in our expectations, in our assumptions. 

Love is the necessary lens for clear 20/20 vision. Start using it on yourself. “I care and am engaged enough with myself to explore, expand, and stay in a relationship with myself.” 

It’s a level of love and consistent commitment. It’s not soft or passive or duty-bound. It’s not compliant. It’s not emotionally reactive only. 

No need to be hard on yourself, judge yourself, be mad at yourself, feeling like a failure. Just observe yourself. And as you’re observing with your love lens, you’ll see your ups and downs and ins and outs of this commitment to the expansion of your consciousness, to living deeply.

And the more you’ve dialled up your love vibration, the more you can observe with love & patience & gentleness.

It’s not passive, not aggressive, not mad at yourself. But it’s also not completely accepting, forgiving yourself and continuing that behaviour, because “I’m just human" or “that’s me”.

This love relationship is the constant every day every moment reminder that you’re on track, and you’re expanding and then folding over on that expansion. 

That means taking that expansion into yourself to integrate what you’ve learned and observed. 

If you’ve chosen to be in love with a partner, a child, an animal, a creation of any kind, a space, etc., practice the same love observation, integration, expansion there.

You’re in a love relationship through the up and down, back and forth, rocking the boat when it corrects the balance, asserting with love, holding on with determination to correct the balance of polarities that exist within your emotions and your projections and the behaviours between you and this object of your love.

It’s easy to point fingers and say, “It is because of them. That’s why I’m the way I am”. But you’re beyond that blame understanding, aren’t you? Instead, observe more, determined to bring your love deeply to all your relationships. 

It’s all your responsibility. 

You’re maturing into being the parent of yourself, the boss of yourself, the child of yourself, the companion of yourself, the space of yourself, the love of yourself. 

It’s easy enough to love a place - to love nature, being near the water, on the ground, in the air, near the warmth of the sun. It’s easy to dial up our love to match the love that nature holds and gifts to us. That’s why we replenish in the elements. 

It’s not about going for a run, multi-purposing. It’s to be in love, to smell, to feel, to close our eyes and take it in through our less dominant senses.

We can do this with a plant, tree, flower, bush, shrub. Just sit and commune with its beauty, strength, vulnerability, unyielding truth of expression no matter what. 

We can tune into its high vibration of love. It beams. It quietly allows anyone into its love circle. That’s why we have plants in our home, why we arrange cut flowers into a vase, so we can have the pleasure close to our senses. To keep our love high, dialled up bright, glowing in multiple colours. 

When we establish a reconnection to the love we carry inside, we bring the next level of loving, the 20/20 love, to everyone and everything.

It’s a love moment exchange we can have as we go about our day with this person or that person, this animal, that vehicle, this parking spot, that clerk. 

Instead of our autopilot of familiarity and routine, we can feel these moments of deepening into the love, into the appreciation, the engagement. It’s beyond a word like gratitude. It’s experiencing a depth of love.

We can bring this to our friends, family, work colleagues. We can bring this to our email, texts, phone calls. We can maintain our level of love. 

And if we feel it dimming because of an emotional reaction we’re having, a frustration, triggered response, confusion, anger, worry, we can allow our connection to one aspect of nature to remind us again.

We can hold that flower stem. We can feel the wooden desk. We can step outside and feel the expansiveness of air. We can put that soft sweater over our shoulders for the heat and warmth. 

We can resource the love back up, and then rejoin our day as a self-reliant love being/beam. 

You're generating this love for those closest to you in proximity rather than emotionality. Maybe that's your family or those you work with. You're bringing this love not TO them, but BETWEEN you and them. 

When you're around them, let them feel this love. Let it permeate the space between you. Let it be the cushion for their limitations. Let it be the strength for you. 

I'm sure sometimes you feel you need the cushion from THEIR personality. Well, this is the cushiest love ❤️ cushion. And it's for both of you. It's between you. 

Think of it as a deployed airbag. The airbag of love is there to protect and support. It's to honour yourself, to honour those you're connected and engaged with by providing the buffer of love that finds the two of you, and allows and accepts. 

Love is the great equalizer in this format. You can't give it. You have to be it, beam it, and you'll see behaviour changes in those around you.

You'll see your water drops crystallizing. You'll see your plants flourishing. You'll see your pets in alignment with your household. 

Find the colour, the texture, the feel. Make it physical in your mind if you need to. Walk around with it. Allow it to hold you, to provide the beautiful exchange between you and others. 

When you're in nature, re-absorb, recharge, bring the love bigger, bolder, higher, more expansive. Love for the sake of love. 

Recharge often. Recharge and let your emotions pour through. Remember, love is not just an emotion, but it is a drive.

When you take this love with you, you'll love even the mundane because the ordinary becomes extraordinary. 

👉 You'll love the dust on your furniture as you mop it away. You'll love the mop that loves the dust as you mop it away. (Yup. You heard it here.)

👉 You'll love the car that slammed its breaks on and reminded you that it too wants space.

👉You'll love your mother-in-law (or some other family member) when she contacts you, demanding, in her passive/aggressive way, to be seen and acknowledged.

You'll love WITH this amazing FULL SPECTRUM LOVE buffer, this next level of loving. It's how you can have 21st-century relationships with everything & everyone. 

Yes, the future of love has arrived. It's full-spectrum love. Next level love. 20/20 love. You're good for it.


Love, Jonni


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