May 17, 2022

In January, I bought an old caravan.

Scratch that.

I bought a vintage Airstream, and I've been creatively nurturing her into something special for months now. Hence the lack of emails to you.

If you miss my emails and aren't following me on Instagram yet, please do. That's where I drop head-scratching bombs and light flashes every single morning. But writing up an email message has become less and less my favourite format. 

And it's spring. Which is clean-up season. So I want to make sure I don't send emails to people who don't want them. I want to respect your time and your inbox. And I want to respect my time by only sending emails to people who actually want to hear from me.

My email system registers when you are engaging with my emails but not in a stalker kind of way. I know the email system isn't perfect so if you DO want to continue receiving emails from me, hit me back with something as simple as 'Yes, I'm still interested', and I'll continue sending you content. If you do nothing, I'll remove you from this list. 

Not only is the world changing faster and faster, but it's also changing slower and slower. Yes, that's possible.

That means you're changing faster at times and in some areas, and likely slower at times and in other areas. And the only judge and jury for deciding if it's fast or slow is you. You are the one who feels and knows whether you are content, thriving, or just getting by. Not your friends, not your family, no one but you.

If you know you're feeling and doing great, that the future looks like you're on track and on purpose, high five. The world needs you. Share it. Express it. Model it. Let others feel you as inspiration.

But if you've not feeling that alignment, let's talk. Let's look at where you're feeling as though you're just getting by, why you're not inspired by the world you're creating, and what's consistently going on in your thoughts and actions. 

That may be a one-off flash session. Brilliant. Let's do it.

Or that may be a series of unravelling and building, realizing and reclaiming the life you came here to live. If you're in, I'm ready. Start here.

Remember, spring is the designated time of the year to clean up and restart. (In the social media world,) to unfollow and follow whoever and whatever is more your current cup of tea. 

I'm drinking matcha, kombucha, rooibos, and chai. This week. Join me?


Love, Jonni,

tea is always a good idea


Did the universe conspire to bring us together, or what?

Maybe a trusted confidante dropped my name, or maybe you fell down an internet rabbit hole in search of a spiritual psychologist. Or, who knows, maybe the stars aligned and you found me on Insta. However it happened, I'm here for you. However it happened, I'm glad the universe brought us together. Ready to explore the cosmos of your inner self with a trusted confidante?

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