Feb 21, 2021

Yesterday, the gal who likes to flirt with me at my local coffee shop asked me what my favourite pie was. What a tease.

I gave her a look like someone who was blowing a mental fuse. Favourite? Pie? Not possible.

Everyone loves pie and I'm no exception. Lush fruit pies, heavenly cream pies, hit-the-spot savoury pies - I have no favourites unless I can say that they're all my favourites.

It's the crust that's king in my pie fantasies and realities. The filling, the queen. And every pie I bake or consume has to have the king and queen equally represented, not one over the other.

Or what's the point.

It's just like the spring offering I've been telling you about. Someone hit reply to the last email newsletter I sent out last Wednesday and asked me what the channelled message is in my new spring offering. Great question! And one I wrote on and on about - to her.

Then it dawned on me that you might want to know too.

'All Access' is a pie. It has a crust and a filling and each component has to be delish.

Or what's the point.

'All Access'is conscious conversations AND a channelled message. So if the channelled message is the filling, the conscious conversations with moi are the crust. Top and bottom.

The filling, the channelled message, is as varied as pie filling. Sometimes the message is juicy sweet, sometimes heavenly, sometimes hit-the-spot savoury.

I've brought through well over 30,000 channelled messages over the decades, and each message expands the perspective of the person's personal & worldview. The channelled messages connect dots, detail other lifetimes, share visions of the future, and take you behind the scenes and above it all.

Channelled messages don't take away your power. They give it right back to you. They put YOU in the powerful position of knowing more, so you see your life and the world through a bigger, crystal clear lens.

And how do you hold all that filling together? With the perfect crust. I've got ya on the bottom and the top. Before the channelled message and after.

I'm gonna open up 'All Access Pass' next weekend. Watch this space.


Love, Jonni
I'm not thinking about making a pie at all now. Sure. Sure.

Did the universe conspire to bring us together, or what?

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