Wanna know the most common question I get asked in my practice?


That's it. That's the question.

Oh, sure, it's usually, "Why can't I stop ___?" or "Why can't I start ___?"

You can fill in the blanks with anything you like. I've heard it all. Well, maybe not all, but certainly things I never thought I'd hear.

"Why can't I stop biting my nails?" Often.

"Why can't I stop overthinking?" Tons.

"Why can't I stop planning how I will  🔪 murder my husband?" More than a few times. And none were kidding. 😬

"Why can't I stop feeling like a 🐬 dolphin?" Once.


And the "Why can't I start?" questions have an equal range from - 

"Why can't I start forgiving him?" Often.

"Why can't I start losing weight?" Tons. (oops. Let's replace 'tons' with plenty.)

"Why can't I start changing how I think?" More than a few times. And often with a lot of frustration.

"Why can't I start to be a different person?" Once.


What I've noticed is that although 'why?' is the most common question I get, it's more often than not expanded to "why can't I?"

I've had plenty of resistance in my life. Resistance to change an ingrained habit, resistance to see something from someone else's point of view, resistance to letting go. 

I'm sure I'm not alone. 

When resistance blocks us, we ask 'why'. And when we want to move through our resistance, we ask, 'why can't I?'

It may be the most common question, but I'm still in 🥰 love with asking 'why?' Because asking the deepest why question slices a laser path through resistance to the truth.

You can handle the truth. And if you're asking 'why?' - you want the truth.

I gotta say, my All Access Pass is a truth bomb like no other.

Your resistance. Your bomb. Your truth.

I'll just let that sit there. 


Love, Jonni

Thinking about  🐬 dolphins again. 🤔



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