I counted up all the courses I've created and taught over the years. There were 67. !!

I don't know why I never counted them before. It was probably because I was more interested in creating and teaching them. I mean, some of them were over 200 days long. Others were just 4 days. Some of them were in person. But most of them were online. 

The one thing they all have in common though is the kind of person who takes them. That's the common denominator. And I can tell you straight up that I have always attracted thoughtful people who try their best to live their life with integrity.  

So in my courses, I never yell at them through a megaphone. I don't want to force a message into their ears. 

I talk with them and engage in a conversation with them. I meet them where they are. 

My words aren't the most clever or flashy. I'm not trying to convince you of anything. My words - the content of my courses - are clear and strategic. With heart and soul. 

My courses are authentic, so they sound authentic. They sound like you and I are sitting across the table having a conversation that's inspired by what you're going through. And we kinda are.

So let's get that conversation going. Head over here and sign up for my newest course - ENDINGS & BEGINNINGS. After all, you're the common denominator.

Love, Jonni


PS) Registration for 'Endings & Beginnings' ends on Wednesday. Imagine having a beautiful ending to something that's over in your life. Imagine consciously, intentionally, & carefully creating a new version of yourself with enthusiasm and presence. Imagine all of this while minimizing denial, overwhelm, confusion, & exhaustion. It can be done.

There are no coincidences.

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