You need deep meaning to live a purposeful life.

One-On-One Sessions

To support & guide you to the life you were born to live.

You're in the right place


If you want a depth of meaning and plan of action specific to you in these uncertain times, one-on-one support & guidance will wake you up to the life you came here to live.

Whether it's your first session or a follow-up, I'm here to fully support you during these unusual times.

I use an integrative approach focused entirely on you, your goals, and what you want to create to give you the deepest understandings to make sense of your current situation. 

I hold you lovingly accountable to your plan and desires, keeping you on track to your greater realizations and commitments.

One-on-one sessions are conducted privately & confidentially over the phone or by non-visual Zoom. The brain is ultra-sensitive to the sound of the human voice without visual distractions. Together, we do the deepest work, while maintaining your privacy.

Hi, I'm Jonni

I'm on a mission to transform the world by providing one-on-one psychospiritual support and integrative channelled messages to excavate the deepest meaning you need to understand the life you're here to live.

I'm built for the disruptions & changes happening on the planet. My life circumstances align with the sudden and out-of-control redirecting that life is asking of you right now.

My professional credentials, cultivated gifts, and decades of experience allow me to help you expand, elevate, and integrate your life to a deeper, richer level of meaning & purpose.

There are 2 ways to evolve. 

One is to ask for help when you are in crisis.

The other is to proactively shore up your resources so you're ready for any disruptions that come your way. 


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What to expect in a one-on-one session

You'll face the reality of the things you're ready to uplevel in your life. Maybe it's your relationship with your partner or your child. Maybe it's your relationship with your health or your wealth. When you're ready, we can start.

You'll clearly see where you self-sabotage, spin your wheels, and repeat the patterns that are self-defeating. If you're not changing, you need deeper meaning. When you gain deeper meaning, you're leveraged to change. 

You'll gain a greater perspective on how to approach your situation with new ideas and methods. It's likely time for some out-of-the-box thinking. We will amp up the creativity factor to create your path forward.

You'll get crystal clear on why certain people are in your life, and why & what their purpose is, in your evolution.  Everyone has deeper meaning in your life so we'll need to look beyond the surface, beyond the triggers.

You'll increase your connection to your purpose, and re-ignite your passion for living your best self. The passion is the true sustainable alignment of your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical path.

You'll finally have the lasting changes you've only dreamed of. You'll feel on track and on purpose, in your sweet spot, living the life you were born to live. The greater reality meets your earthly reality and co-exists together.

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"Shifts happen when you work with Jonni. Big ones! She has this remarkable gift of showing me where I am stuck in any situation, what that means from a higher perspective, and how I can use it as a practical opportunity to reclaim my best self."



I LOVE the way Jonni works! So grounded, yet she's able to get to the heart of the matter from all angles. It is so valuable to have a dialogue on that level."


You didn't establish your patterns and emotional fears in a day. To get the best results from me, you'll need the conscious intentional engagement of committed one-on-one private sessions.

We're going to get to the root cause of what you're really dealing with. This may take a few sessions but there's no better time to start than now to make the maximum impact on your needs and wants. 

My promise to you is that you'll be seen and heard and guided to your highest integrated potential with love, accountability, and the desire to help you be the best you in this life.

If you're never worked with me before and want to start with a free 10-minute consultation, I will listen carefully & respectfully and make recommendations based on your needs & particulars.

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