Flourish with the Moon's intuitive guidance

Wanna know why I'm over the Moon about the moon? Let me moonsplain. 😉


If you've ever wondered why the Moon's energy seems to impact your emotions and experiences, you're not alone.

As a transpersonal psychologist, I've been asked this question countless times by clients. And the truth is, as energetic beings, we're intimately connected to the moon in ways that may surprise you. It's so much more than blaming the Full Moon. It's about aligning with the Moon's energy and cycles. It's about taping into the wealth of guidance and support that transcends the limits of your rational mind.

That's why I'm thrilled to offer my text-message course, designed to deliver daily doses of inspiration and empowerment straight to your phone. Think of it as a divine guide, serving up timely wisdom to help you make the most of every moment. 

Through this course, you'll unlock the gifts of clarity, divine timing, abundance, and so much more. You'll learn how to embrace the power of the moon and step into your authentic wholeness, guided by the universe's infinite wisdom.

So, if you're ready to take the next step on your spiritual journey and embrace the magic of the Moon, I invite you to join me on this transformational adventure and discover what the universe has in store for you.

Get ready to experience the power of the Moon like never before! 

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Do you feel disconnected from the natural rhythms of the universe? Like you might be missing out on some deeper meaning or understanding that others seem to have? Are you looking for more clarity and purpose in your emotional and spiritual life? A more simplified approach you can easily understand and apply?


That's where 'Moonsplaining' comes in.


It's a powerful invitation to embark on a 30-day text-message transformational journey of self-realization. Daily content that empowers you to align with the Moon's timeless wisdom, manifest your dreams through lunar consciousness, and authentically connect with your inner self.



In 'Moonsplaining', I’ll teach you how to align with the Moon's energy so you can increase synchronicity in your life.

Picture this: you waking up every morning with an inspirational text that helps you stay on purpose and build a strong foundation.

With 'Moonsplaining', you'll lean into your authentic self and flow no matter what’s going on.

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This is about daily, consistent, divine focus on you, your goals, & your purpose-filled life.


I'm talking about psychologically-informed mystically-inspired messages that'll have you glowing like a Full Moon. 

Think of me as your therapist in your pocket giving you daily guidance to live by, every day. 


Let's face it - the world is continually going through so much change & disruption & uncertainty - that the only thing you can control is how you show up.

But if you can't even show up for yourself with confidence and strength, how are you supposed to show up for others? 

We all struggle with managing our emotions, creating a future, and staying positive day in and day out. But with 'Moonsplaining', you'll discover how to anchor yourself every day - even when life gets rocky. You don't have to ride the waves alone. I will guide you through 'Moonsplaining'.

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Jane C.

"I was skeptical about how much impact working with the moon could really have on my life, but it exceeded all my expectations. Even my daughter noticed how much more patient I was."

Wren R.

"Jonni's approach is both practical and spiritual, and I found myself feeling more grounded and connected each day of the course. The texts on the dark side of the moon blew me away!"

If you're seeking more connection, alignment, and synergy, it's time to get fully in sync.


And the ultimate representative of time and cycles is right up there in the sky: the Moon. 

Moonsplaining is a 30-day journey rooted in transpersonal psychology principles, designed to help you tap into the Moon's power and influence.

If you're looking to feel more grounded, inspired, and passionate about life, then taking a few moments a day to connect with the Moon is where it's at.

This is more than an astrological approach alone. It's therapy coupled with practicality that's going to give you workable tools to apply to your life. And I'm going to teach you the principles behind it all, so you can truly understand WHY this works.

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B. D.

"When I got the texts on the moon magic connections, I realized how much I could really do to make things smoother in my life and stop blaming the moon."

Katherine C.

"When Jonni's text said every phase of the moon has its own special way of working magic on my body, I made lots of notes and put them directly into my calendar."

Is 'Moonsplaining' right for you?

If you're ready to tap into your inner lunar goddess and unlock the mystical power of the Moon, then absolutely!  

My approach to transpersonal psychology and the Moon's energy is designed to simplify the process of manifesting your dreams. You'll gain a clear understanding of how to work with the lunar cycles to bring your desires to life without feeling overwhelmed or confused.

In addition to gaining new knowledge, you'll receive practical tools and techniques to apply in your daily life. The course is designed to be flexible so you can learn at your own pace and fit it into your busy schedule. It's text message based on purpose, to make it intimate & deliverable, convenient & accessible.

Moonsplaining's pragmatic & mystical approach to personal growth is real, making it a fulfilling investment in yourself. With its creative & transcendent guidance, you'll be able to tap into your true potential and achieve and sustain the growth you desire.

Attune to the natural rhythms rather than react to the noise.
Know how to guide yourself when the waves start rolling.
Turn aligned awareness into positive action.

If you want to truly create the life you came here to live, on a daily basis - 'Moonsplaining' was created for you.


How it works

Welcome to the mystical realm of 'Moonsplaining', where the magic of the Moon becomes your superpower for transformation. Imagine having the ability to anchor your mindset, integrate your emotions, and expand your perspective. With 'Moonsplaining', you embark on a 30-day journey of bite-sized content and exercises that will access your inner capabilities and propel you toward balance, alignment, and self-awareness.

Progress, not Perfection

Through daily, impactful text messages, you'll learn how to harness the profound power of the Moon to achieve holistic alignment in your life. Beyond the tides, the Moon influences your mind, emotions, body, and energy. By understanding and working with the Moon's energy, you'll unlock a whole new level of self-awareness and transformation 'Moonsplaining' empowers you to take small steps towards progress, nurturing your inner being and embracing the lunar wisdom that surrounds you.

The Why Behind the How

'Moonsplaining' goes beyond surface-level knowledge. It delves into the principles of transpersonal psychology and shows you how to work with the moon's phases, cycles, purpose, and history in your daily life. You'll gain expansive and practical techniques for coordinating with the Moon's influence, and understanding the deeper meaning behind its cosmic dance. 'Moonsplaining' is not just about the 'how', but also about understanding the 'why', empowering you with knowledge and wisdom that resonates with your soul.

Cosmic Co-Creation


You'll learn how to use the Moon's energy to manifest your desires and overcome obstacles. The Moon's cyclical nature mirrors the cycles of life, and in 'Moonsplaining', I'll guide you to align with these rhythms to co-create your reality. You'll tap into the Moon's ancient wisdom, aligning your intentions with its cosmic flow, and unlock the limitless potential of manifestation. And by understanding the different phases and cycles of the Moon, you'll gain profound insights into your own psyche, and how to navigate the ebb and flow of life with grace and intuition.

Jolene A.

"As someone who struggles with anxiety, Jonni's Moonsplaining course was a game-changer for me. The moon meditations and mindfulness practices gave me practical tools to manage my symptoms and connect with a deeper sense of peace. I'm so grateful for this course."

C. S.

"I am so grateful for the Moonsplaining course! The way it talked about the phases of the moon and their impact on our psyche was so illuminating. The moon meditations have been incredibly helpful to give me that sense of calm and grounding."

Maria M.

"I've always been interested in the mystical history of the moon, and Moonsplaining really delivered on that front. I loved learning about the different cultures and belief systems that have revered the moon throughout history and how these beliefs still impact us today. But my favourite part was how my dreams changed once I started getting into the course. It was wild!"

'Moonsplaining' was created by me, Jonni Gray

I know first-hand that aligning with the Moon has transformed my life. 

I’ve been helping people navigate life’s messiness, confusion, and truth for over three decades. As a doctor of transpersonal psychology, I offer strategic support and guidance through the creation of text message courses because I know that making big changes requires daily support, next-level guidance, and consistent action.

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What you’ll learn

The transformative world of 'Moonsplaining', illuminates the evolution of psychology through the lens of self-realization. Now more than ever it's time to acknowledge & access the inner power that defines your very essence to help you realize and realign with your full potential to embrace the magic within. 'Moonsplaining' bridges the energy of the Moon with the profound impact on your mind and body, igniting a journey of self-discovery like never before. Here's what you can learn.

Alignment with the Moon's Timeless Wisdom

Let me tell you about Carly (not her real name), a woman I once worked with. She was struggling with depression and feeling pretty powerless. But through our work together, I introduced her to the idea of following the cycles of the Moon with the depth of knowledge behind it. It sounded a bit out there for her at first. But something told her to stick with it. By tuning into the natural rhythms of the universe each day, Carly began to notice changes in her energy, emotions, and moods that she had never been aware of before. And it wasn't just about the Full or New Moon, but the entire cycle. This newfound knowledge gave Carly a more authentic sense of confidence and helped her take control of her life in a more meaningful way. Carly found the Moon can be a powerful ally.

Manifestation through Lunar Consciousness

Working with Sara (not her real name) was a privilege, as she struggled to break free from the repetitive cycles in her life that kept holding her back, spinning her wheels. With the Moon as our guide, we created a daily meditation practice leading up to the New Moon, and used the energy of the waxing cycle to build momentum toward her dreams and goals. Daily prompts helped her to stay focused on her intentions and gain the traction she needed to launch her dream start-up in just three months. By tapping into the power and purpose of the Moon, Sara was able to break free from the cycles of the past and embrace her own power and potential.

Authentic Connection with Self


Ann (not her real name) was kicking butt in her career, but felt like something was missing. She was out of sync and lacking a sense of purpose. That's where the Moon came in. I taught her how to use its power to connect with her spiritual and emotional self, and embrace her unique journey of self-realization. No dogmas or external rules, just a deep dive into her intuition and authenticity. The Moon work helped her find her true calling, and she's now living a life fully aligned with her soul's purpose. Ann's experiencing a whole new level of joy and fulfillment, thanks to the power of the Moon guiding her in expressing her truth and purpose.

What about you? Are you ready to honour your authentic self and align with the universe?


Join me in 'Moonsplaining'. 



Tailored for those who seek essential knowledge and tools to manifest their desires - this is 'Moonsplaining' at the next level with audio recordings and 30 days of messages to synchronize daily with the Moon's sacred offerings.

  • Unlock the Moon's mysteries with 30 direct text messages designed to inform and timely inspire conscious actions and unconscious synchronicities to help you navigate your day.
  • Daily text messages (of approx 400 words each) are delivered straight to your device every morning, freeing you from the hassle of course logins and passwords.
  • Embrace the Moon's wisdom from every angle to increase natural abundance, meaningful relationships, and peace beyond measure.
  • Access the lunar energy through specially crafted audio recordings featuring moon meditations & more, all with binaural beat music.
  • Immerse yourself in the divine rhythms of the moon with messages timed to the lunar cycle, so you can tune into its rhythms in real-time. It's a powerful way to stay connected to the universe and sync rhythms with the cosmos.
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