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12 monthly payments

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Breakthrough Support

$285+gst (save 15% off regular-priced single sessions) for each monthly 60-minute session call

Things are changing faster than ever now, and I'm committed to giving you context insight and support in all aspects of your life.

With my unique background as a psychospiritual psychologist, I have been busier than ever helping people make sense of the rapid pace of change in their personal life and in the world around them.

They want to feel peaceful and centred as they make major decisions and hold the dynamics of their relationships authentic in the context of their changes. They want the meaning and connection to why they're here now, living the life they're living. 

That's why I've been bridging the path to the past, present, and future, tuning into the energetic truth, and linking it all through monthly consistent, momentum-building strategic conversations.

These calls hold the greatest range of perspectives in order to take you through the next 12 months and beyond. They are for you if you're lost and need clarity, context, and understanding support.

Here's everything you'll get in Breakthrough Support:

  • My undivided and laser-focused attention during our monthly 60-minute UPLEVELLING one-to-one breakthrough coaching sessions over the next 12 months. 
  • Recorded sessions sent by email immediately following each call (if you sign up for non-visual Zoom).
  • Additional resources and tools to help you with your goals, desires, and outcomes.
  • Clarity and focus on your past, present, and future with all the dots connected.
  • Time can be added to any of your 60-minute sessions for an additional cost. 
  • Full access to my 30 years of experience as a psychospiritual psychotherapist, coach, entrepreneur, author, and channel.
  • Uplifting energy and immense freedom from aligning your gifts, skills, and experience with your newly identified & understood direction and purpose.
  • Real depth of clarity and awareness of any personal resistant roadblocks.
  • Everything you need to create your new life moving forward.


"Without a doubt, I have shifted and am thoroughly enjoying what I feel - absolutely exquisite! it's obvious that Jonni does what she does because it feeds her soul and makes her feel good to see people reconnect with the best of themselves, so it's important to me that she knows she has helped me immensely."   Inis   

"Jonni's approach allowed me to grow and gain self-knowledge at a pace that worked for me. I felt totally supported. Her amazing insight and ability to know just what I needed, built my confidence. I explored different aspects of myself and for that, I am grateful and clearer."    Faye      

"Jonni changed the course of my life. I was stuck, both personally and professionally, but a few months later, I found myself on a plane bound for the place I was supposed to be. Jonni seemed to reach in and communicate directly with my soul, and within a few calls, had created the perspective and clarity I needed to move forward. I've never met a therapist like her, and she's still the one I turn to when life throws challenges at me."    Nina