What if you had access to the highest truth channelled directly to you?


Would it change how you live?

Would it change what you thought?

Would it change why you're here?

In 1993, I was told *Sage* was coming 

In their words: "The energies of Sage are universally known. We have been permeating many souls on the planet for eons.

With the discovery of our channel’s ability to focus aligned energy, and having us as guides in her field, energetically we were attracted to her as our channel. 

We come through as representatives of divine stream energies. We come through as Sage: Sacred Ascended Guides of Enlightenment. 

As Sage, we represent unity. We represent the power within, aligning with the feminine and masculine entities on the planet. 

These are life-giving energies that must be integrated into the identities of each being on the planet Earth at this time."


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Sage said:

"Integration is the energy we are, and how we are represented. Integrated energetics of our energy with yours as a human being is the opportunity available to everyone who connects to the energy that is Sage. 

As sacred ascended guides of enlightenment who reside in the ethers and the universal energetic realms, our sole focus is to elevate the planet Earth to its next level of evolution, and to connect with those who are open to receiving the vibration & the energetic messagings we send. 

These energies are brought through in refined format, slowed down through our channel, in order to be spoken into a language of understanding for those in human form." 

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My purpose is to bring through these messages

And I did, privately, for 16 years, until I began to share the universal truth with others through my psychospiritual practice.

Over the years, Sage's messages have focused on the current energetics and bring much-needed clarity to these confusing times. 

"Our messages have always been of love, elevating the human mind and the human emotional scale into soul and universal soul levels of understanding. 

Through the energetic transmissions we bring to the planet through our channel, we provide the opportunity for you to choose to look through the lens of love, and to shift from feeling and reacting, to feeling and loving."

Sage says...

"We are not an oracle, a fixer, a guru, or a panacea for all that ails you. When you connect with Sage, you are self-resourcing. You are plugging into a power source you may not be able to access any other way. You are provided with understandings and energy transmissions of high levels and voltages to help you elevate perspectives, emotions, and approaches, for clarity, expansion, more laughter, joy, and ultimately enlightenment at this time.

We invite you to align with us. By aligning, you choose to live the energetics of universal truth, to live in the journey, and on the journey, toward living your life with light."

I know what you're thinking...