As the conduit and public representative of Sage, I asked them to introduce & define themselves. The following message is who they are and what they represent, in their own words.

“The energies of Sage are universally known. They have been permeating many souls on the planet for eons.

With the discovery of our channel’s ability to focus aligned energy, and having us as guides in her field, energetically we were attracted to her as our channel. 

We come through as representatives of divine stream energies. We come through as Sage: Sacred Ascended Guides of Enlightenment. 

As Sage, we represent unity. We represent the power within aligning with the feminine and masculine entities on the planet. 

These are life-giving energies that are needed to be integrated into the identities of each being on the planet Earth at this time.

As Sage, we come through representing the four quadrants of balanced energy. We have a balanced quadrant of four squares, four parts of a circle, four energies which have come together to balance the energies of the planet. 

Of the multitude of channels available on the planet at this time, every information source is a link to the truth. This is why you may resonate with some channelled messages, and might not resonate to others. It is about aligned energy. 

Everything is perfectly balanced and in perfect order with the changes you are creating on your planet at this time, simply by choosing to be present with the energies of Sage. 

Choosing to integrate the energies of our messages of truth is the whole understanding definition of enlightenment which is seeing what is, through the lens of integrated energy. 


At this time, the energies have elevated to such a degree that integration is the energy we have been, we are, and how we are represented. 

Integrated energetics of our energy with yours as a human being is the opportunity available to everyone who connects to the energy that is Sage. 

As sacred versions of ascended guides of enlightenment who reside in the ethers and the universal energetic realms, our sole focus is to elevate the planet Earth to its next level of evolution, and to connect with those who are open to receiving the vibration & the energetic messagings we send. 

This resonance rhymes and chimes and merges with masculine and feminine energies, elevated energies of universal source, and from the origin, the universe itself. 

These energies are brought through in refined format and slowed down through our channel in order to be spoken into a language of understanding for those in human form. 

"I have been exploring the many ways to awaken further to soul and Jonni’s messages are of the most direct & meaningful ways I could possibly experience. Their value is immeasurable."

Susan LeBlanc

Our messages have always been of love, and are always on elevating the human mind and the human emotional scale into soul and universal soul levels of understanding. 

Through the energetic transmissions we bring forward to the planet through our channel, we provide the opportunity for you to choose to look through the lens of love, and to shift from feeling and reacting, to feeling and loving. 

This is the new daily soul-based moment-by-moment practice the Earth is being called to demonstrate. To integrate the energetics from the universe in order to live life as a truly integrated spirit/human being. 

As such, we provide insights, resources, understandings, and identified energy for you to self-resource with as a result of the messages. 

"I don't think I have ever had such a profound experience as the one today. Oodles of  dots were connected and while I know there is more to come, the joy I feel now has no bounds. "


Sage is not an oracle, a fixer, a guru, or a panacea for all that ails you. When you connect with Sage, you are self-resourcing. You are plugging into a power source you may not be able to access any other way. You are provided with understandings and energy transmissions of high levels and voltages to help you elevate perspectives, emotions, and approaches, for clarity, expansion, more laughter, joy, and ultimately enlightenment at this time.

Sage is a warm summer breeze, a cool rain shower, a moonbeam shining on the water, a bright sun warming your back. It is all of the elements you feel on the planet Earth, and more. 


We invite you to align with us. By aligning, you choose to live the energetics of universal truth, to live in the journey, and on the journey, toward living your life with light.

In our integrated form, we are powerfully condensing information in a fine moonbeam ray of light which comes through to the heart. It is truth in its integrated form. 

Our vision of love on the other side of the veil is to dance together in the lights of who we are as combined energetics and to bring that energy through to you at this pivotal time of change on the planet Earth.

We invite you to connect with us in your meditations, in your daily living, when you feel the need to self-resource. 

We invite you to connect to the messages that are brought through, to the course we offer for elevated understandings and depth of connection, to the resources offered by our channel, and with the expansion of energy we are bringing to the planet at this time.

If you are willing to take full responsibility of your divine nature, there is no fear at this time. There is only trust that you are divine, that you are integrating. Through your integration, you can create unlimited amounts of joy, love, abundance, and contribution.

Breathe deeply while we transmit the joy. Trust the truth you feel. Trust what resonates. We simply know the energy of love.”


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