Let's get real. 

You're strong enough to handle the truth, even the tough stuff that's been lurking beneath the surface. If you're ready to dive deep and unearth your truest self, I'm here to help. Together, we'll explore the patterns of your past, connect the dots to your present, and pave the way for a future that's filled with meaning, love, and abundance.

It's time to claim your truth and unlock the potential within.

Let's get real.

You're strong enough to handle the truth, even the tough stuff that's been lurking beneath the surface. If you're ready to dive deep and unearth your truest self, I'm here to help. Together, we'll explore the patterns of your past, connect the dots to your present, and pave the way for a future that's filled with meaning, love, and abundance.

It's time to claim your truth and unlock the potential within.

One-on-one  calls

If you're craving a truly personalized approach that honours your unique journey and empowers you to take action toward the life you truly desire, one-on-one support and guidance is where it's at.

I'm all about an integrative approach that's all about YOU - your goals, your vision, and what lights you up. Through our work together, we'll unearth the deepest understandings that will make sense of your current situation and set you up for a future that's aligned with your truest self.

I'm here to hold you lovingly accountable to your commitments and help you stay on track toward your greater realizations.

Our one-on-one calls are conducted in complete privacy and confidentiality, whether it's over the phone or by non-visual Zoom. Trust me, the brain is ultra-sensitive to the sound of the human voice without visual distractions - it's the perfect environment for us to do the deepest work together.

Are you ready to take that next step towards a life that feels fully aligned with your soul?

Let's make magic happen.

Get Ready to be Seen and Heard

You are a truth warrior. You can handle every single truth - the good, the bad, and the awesome.

It's time to get real. Are you ready to face the truth about the areas of your life that are ready for an upgrade?

Maybe it's your relationship with a loved one that's been feeling out of alignment. Maybe it's your health, your finances, or your career that's been weighing on you. Whatever it is, know that you're not alone.

When you're truly ready to take that next step towards a more fulfilling, aligned life, that's where I come in. Together, we'll dive deep and uncover the patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back. We'll work through any limiting thoughts or behaviours and create a plan of action that's tailored specifically to your needs and desires.


Are you tired of feeling stuck in the same patterns of self-sabotage and frustration? Are you ready to break free from the cycle and create lasting change in your life?

Together, we'll uncover the beliefs and behaviours that may be holding you back, and shine a light on the patterns that are keeping you stuck. Through deep inquiry and personalized guidance, you'll gain a newfound awareness of the areas of your life where you tend to spin your wheels and repeat self-defeating patterns.

But awareness alone isn't enough. To truly create lasting change, you need to tap into a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. When you understand your truest desires and motivations, you'll be leveraged to take action and make real progress toward your goals.

Are you feeling stuck in a rut with your current situation? Are you ready to shake things up and approach things from a fresh perspective?

Together, we'll tap into your innate creativity and explore new and innovative ideas to help you move forward with clarity and confidence. We'll challenge any limiting beliefs or thought patterns that may be holding you back, and work together to come up with a plan of action that feels truly aligned with your soul.

It's time to think outside the box, my friend. When you're open to new ideas and methods, the possibilities are endless. Whether it's a creative approach to your career, a fresh perspective on your relationships, or a new way of approaching your health and wellness, we'll work together to find the path forward that feels most authentic to you.


Are you feeling a little lost when it comes to the people in your life? Do you ever wonder why certain individuals seem to keep popping up, or what their purpose is in your journey?  

Together, we'll explore the deeper meaning behind the people in your life, and uncover the lessons and growth opportunities that each individual brings to your evolution. We'll look beyond the surface-level interactions and triggers, and tap into the deeper wisdom that's waiting to be uncovered.

Because here's the truth - everyone in your life has a purpose. Whether it's to challenge you, support you, or simply show you a new way of being, every individual plays a role in your journey. And when you're able to get crystal clear on why they're there and what they're here to teach you, you'll be able to move forward with clarity and confidence.

Are you feeling a little disconnected from your purpose lately? Are you searching for a way to re-ignite that spark and passion for living your best life? 

Together, we'll tap into the deepest parts of your being and uncover the true essence of your purpose. We'll explore your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical paths, and work together to create a sustainable alignment that feels authentic to you.

Because passion is the key to living your best life. When you're connected to your purpose and living in alignment with your true self, you'll feel a sense of passion and vitality that's simply unmatched. And when you're able to tap into that passion, you'll be able to overcome any obstacle and live the life of your dreams.

Are you tired of dreaming about lasting changes, but never quite feeling like you've made it there? Are you ready to finally step into your sweet spot and live the life you were born to live? 

Together, we'll bring the greater reality of your dreams and desires into your earthly reality, and create a life that feels on track and on purpose. We'll work together to identify the patterns and habits that have been holding you back, and replace them with new beliefs and actions that align with your true self.

And the best part? These changes will last. You'll finally experience the lasting transformation you've been dreaming of, and you'll feel like you're living the life you were truly meant to live.

Are you ready to take the first step toward transforming your life? Is it Time to Talk?

During our call, we'll see if we feel a full-body yes to working together. We'll dive into your unique situation and identify the roadblocks that are holding you back from living your best life. And the best part? You'll get a taste of what it's like to work with me - with no strings attached.

So, if you're ready to start creating a life that's bursting with joy, purpose, and fulfillment, click the button below and let's do this!

Is It Time to Talk? Book a 10 minute call with me to see if therapy is what’s next for you.

I'm excited to share with you two ways we can join forces and reveal the whole truth.

One of these options is a match made in heaven for you!


Single Calls

By working directly with me through virtual calls, we can dig deep to uncover the areas that are holding you back, as well as the opportunities for growth and expansion that are waiting for you to seize.

I'll meet you exactly where you are and guide you in the direction that will take you to the life you were truly meant to live.

Are you ready to take that first step toward the life you deserve?

Choose from 45-minute ($262+gst), 60-minute ($350+gst), or 90-minute ($525+gst) calls.

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Accountability Journey  

Whether you're looking to make sense of the changes happening in your personal life or the world at large, I'm here to provide you with the context, insight, and support you need to navigate this rapidly changing world with ease. 

On a monthly basis, we'll work together to dive deep into your challenges and create a roadmap, set goals, and stay accountable as you make progress toward the life you desire.

Take control of your life and thrive in this ever-changing world.

 Choose monthly 30-minute calls ($150+gst).

It's time to take action and make things happen!

Ready to be blown away by the transformative experiences of others? Check out these incredible testimonials!

"I LOVE the way Jonni works! So grounded, yet she's able to get to the heart of the matter from all angles. It is so valuable to have a dialogue on that level. It's a very powerful feeling. So many dots are connected!"


"Shifts happen when you work with Jonni. Big ones! She has this remarkable gift of showing me where I am stuck in any situation, what that means from a higher perspective, and how I can use it as a practical opportunity to reclaim my best self."


"I feel so blessed to have worked with Jonni. My life changed when she came into it. I am grateful to her and my girlfriend who found her! I trust in this process and journey and believe it step by step from the bottom of my heart." 



In this fast-paced world, there are two ways to evolve.


One is to wait until crisis strikes and ask for help when you're in the thick of it.

The other is to proactively build up your resources and be prepared for anything that comes your way.

You didn't develop your patterns overnight, and that's why I'm here to help you get to the root cause of what's really going on. It may take a few sessions, but there's no better time to start than now.

My promise to you is that I'll see you, hear you, and guide you to your highest potential with love, accountability, and a burning desire to help you be the best version of yourself in this life. Let's do this together.

Single Calls 

Ready for a transformative session to gain clarity, insight, and guidance for your next steps? Whether it's a first-time or follow-up call, you have the power to choose what works best for you. Select from 45, 60, or 90-minute single calls and book directly to begin your journey towards your highest integrated potential.

Take action toward creating the life you desire now.

 Accountability Journey 

Are you determined to reach your goals but need some support and accountability on the way? With monthly 30-minute calls, I'll keep you on track and make sure you achieve the success you deserve. Whether you want to build momentum, maintain focus or stay accountable, I'm here to help.

If you're ready to take action, make progress, and achieve your dreams, click to learn more and sign up!