You can handle the truth

And if you're ready to claim the deepest truth about yourself, I'll link the patterns of your past, connect the dots to your present, and together we'll create your meaningful, love-filled, and abundant future. 

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We should talk. Really. 

Did someone you trust recommend me? Did you google-search 'spiritual psychologist'? Did you follow an internet link? There are no coincidences. I know at least 9 reasons why we should talk. 

Hi, I'm Jonni

I’m built to provide context & support for the disruptions, confusions,  and stuckness that may be happening in your life. And I've been doing it for nearly 30 years.

I've had major disruptions, loss, and change in my life, and it's all served to uniquely shape and expand my work as a transpersonal psychotherapist and channeller.

Depth is my lane, so I look for the deepest meaning to understand what's going on and why. Then I use that meaning as leverage to elevate your life. Because when you elevate, we all elevate. (I'm pro-humanity.)

In addition to my professional credentials as a psychotherapist, I have cultivated the gift of channelling the soul’s messages of those I work with. 

My integrated approach helps you expand yourself and your worldview. It elevates the understanding of your life and why you are here. And it integrates your whole self to live a life rich with meaning & purpose.

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There are 3 ways we can work together

One is perfect for you.


One-To-One Sessions

Work with me directly in virtual sessions to pinpoint the areas of challenge & opportunity for your growth, alignment, & expansion. I'll meet you where you are and walk with you in the direction that will take you to the life you were born to live. If you're ready to connect all the dots, start here.

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All Access Pass 

There's conscious talk therapy and there's deep diving. I believe in both. That's why as a psychotherapist & channeller, I offer ALL ACCESS packages of one-on-one support AND personalized channelled messages. It's the best combination of tools I have. If you want the big picture, there's nothing bigger. 

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The Collective 

For those who want to work with the creation energy of me to we, this offering is by invitation only. Personal collective messages are channelled and shared as access portals of the greater reality and integration points of the earthly reality. Weekly Zoom gatherings and private Chat Room for ongoing collaboration.

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"Shifts happen when you work with Jonni. Big ones!" ~ Tasleem


Lynn J.

"I can’t recommend Jonni more highly. Her channelling speaks with a level of wisdom and clarity that your heart immediately recognizes as the truth. If you’re ready to step up to view the recent global situation as an opportunity for growth, expansion, and positive change, rather than a reason to pull the covers over your head (believe me, I’ve been there!), then this is for you. It is cutting-edge information that you’re not going to find anywhere else. The benefits I’ve received are immeasurable and profound."

Peta Maione 

"If you're wondering if it's right for you - it is! You have led yourself to the perfect time and space to receive these messages. Jonni has the power to shift your life so you can see with more clarity, feel with more depth, and open your heart to it all. You are ready. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. 

“There are times when the knowing comes like a lightning bolt, and how I perceive or experience something, how I relate to someone or myself even, is changed in an instant.”

Noreen Finnerty 

"I still remember the goosebumps I got when I received my first personal channelled message. It was clearly a message directly for ME. I have come to know the voice as my spirit/soul guide providing me with greater insight to nudge, wake me, encourage and ever so kindly shake me. There is no doubt that these messages are exclusive - not in a hierarchical way, but in a very, very personal way. I would encourage anyone who is ready to go deeper into their soul remembering to gift themselves with the gift of Jonni and her offerings." 

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It's been very quiet in my neck of the woods. Oh sure, I talk to a lot of people in a day - by phone, through text and email, on Zoom.

I channel a lot of messages for those in the MasterCourse Collective and those who've signed up for an All Access Pass.

And I water a lot of plants - the greenhouse is thriving and my gardens are bursting. 

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I don't know if you've been feeling it or noticing it, but there's a major emotional wave happening right now. And the intensity of emotions can run ahead of you. They can even beat out your intentional actions. Ouch. 

But rather than judging yourself, I wanted to remind you today that there's real and massive value in ALL your emotions - even the ones you don't want to feel. 

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    You can handle the truth