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Everything is changing - especially you. When you want deep understanding & a plan of action, let's connect online or by phone and birth the next you.


Is This You?

The current state of the world is affecting everyone. Whether you are tapped into the ongoing news or choosing to live in your own little bubble, the emotional and psychological effects are palpable.⁠

Where YOU feel the effects, will be specific to you. ⁠

😰Maybe you feel trapped as the world advises you to keep a social distance.⁠
🤢Maybe you're in fear as you watch your financial future unable to stop sliding downward.⁠
😢Maybe you're feeling anxious as about your company and your flow of income.⁠
🤭Maybe you're pushed to your capacity caring for your parent or child or yourself.⁠

The fears and triggers are real. And there are countless more. Now is NOT the time to ignore them or let them build. ⁠

What they need - what YOU need - is a depth of understanding and a plan of action. 

"I really don’t know how Jonni does it. It’s more than sharing information and insight. She helped me truly see myself and understand the big picture of it all."


You have time right now to think.

So instead of asking, "When will this be over?" - you can empower yourself by thinking about how you will do things differently, when it is.

  • Think about how you can show up right now.
  • How you can be the best you.
  • How you can hold the bar up high and model for others the best way to be and do, during this pandemic. And after.

Because you're getting the chance - the opportunity! - to recreate your storyline, to change the trajectory of your life.

So don't be one of those who are focused on waiting for it to end. I've always said that the opposite of waiting is creating. And there's no greater focus for your creation than your life and the planet.

It's time to be a conscious citizen of the world. Let's connect online or on the phone and start your process.

What lens are you wearing?

  • If you're wearing the lens of the short-term perspective, you'll feel the panic of the uncertainty. You'll ask yourself (and others):⁠

    - How long can this go on for? ⁠
    - What's going to happen next? ⁠
    - Will we be okay?⁠

    If you're wearing the lens of the long-term perspective visionary, you're extending your view to the past and to the future. You're observing and noting and taking responsibility for it all. ⁠

    I want to meet you where you are now and help you continue to expand your lens.

There is a lot going on right now in the world. And there's a lot YOU can do about it.⁠

The time has come to do.⁠ You know what to do for yourself.

  • Now, what can you do for others? ⁠

  • How can you step up and be part of your community? ⁠

  • How can you care and contribute, rather than just talk about the problem?⁠

I'm Dr Jonni - or Jonni

Transpersonal psychologist, woke coach, channeller, author. My job is to meet you where you're at and walk with you in the direction that will take you to how you want to live. Right now you have the opportunity to be responsible for how you conduct your thoughts, emotions, and actions in this time of uncertainty & change.

Your inbox is a sacred space

I honour & respect that, so I will only send you meaningful emails to give you the head's up on the current energetics and how you can best navigate them.

"Jonni takes you by the hand and ever so gently nudges you to look under rocks at things you have kept hidden from yourself."

Peta Maione

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I post twice a day - every day - to support & inspire your most meaningful life.

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I want to meet you where you're at. I want to walk with you in the direction that will take you to how you want to live.


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