Throughout my life 

I've been on a quest to integrate the spiritual/soulful aspects of myself with my human self because it was always easier to be connected to my spiritual self rather than my earthly self.

But then the losses came - tremendous losses - the death of my only child, my father, mother, & all my siblings, divorce - and it was time to live the earthly AND spiritual realities at the same time. I needed to find the deepest meaning to make sense of it all.

Through the consistent willingness to be with the pain, to understand and integrate the experiences, I found the deep meaning I needed of my life journey.

Today, because of my life experiences & expertise as a transpersonal psychologist and channel of Sage, I have never been more on purpose to help you. 

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Let's find the meaning you need

I'm here to help you see how your past has prepared you for where you are now and where you are going. (Because often, that's not obvious.)

I'm here to help you gain clarity on both your soul's journey and your life's journey, showing you where the two paths converge.

I'm here to help you connect the dots between where you've been, where you are now, and where your future is calling you. Because until you see the dots connecting, you won't feel on track.

I'm here to help you identify the areas in your life that are ‘soul-sucking’, that are non-nurturing, that are blocking you.

I'm here to guide you to live a more love-filled, deeply meaningful life.

If you're searching...

It’s because your soul is nudging you toward a deeper understanding and deeper connection to all that life has to offer. 

For 30 years, I've been helping women break through the mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers that have kept them from experiencing greater meaning, joy, & love in their life.

My background as a transpersonal psychologist provides the psychological foundation, and my decades as a channel, gives me the ability to share my gifts of clarity & perspective and hold others accountable to their inclusive whole self.

You deserve a deeply meaningful life.

  • Are you simply going through the motions of life, struggling to tune out the noise of your daily grind, the news, politics, your relationships, your work commitments?
  • Are you feeling powerless to make change? 
  • Are you getting caught in the mundane aspects of life?
  • Are you redefining your identity?
Then my purpose is helping you find the greater meaning in every single one of your experiences so you can increase your joy and depth of living. I'm here to guide, support, and help you squeeze the juice out of life, to ignite your passion, to re-energize your purpose, and to help you deepen the intimacy with yourself and others.

I'm on a mission 

I am on a truth-seeking mission to transform the world by helping individuals and groups find and live their deepest truths. 

I am in the right place at the right time with my life’s work in helping people just like you. I’ve had major disruptions in loss and change - before the pandemic. 

I'm built to provide context & support for the disruptions & changes happening on the planet. My philosophy is that when we elevate ourselves, we elevate all.

In addition to my professional credentials, I have cultivated the gift of channelling the soul’s messages of those I work with. 

My integrated approach helps you expand yourself and world view, elevate the understanding of your life and why you are here, and integrate your whole self to live a life rich with meaning & purpose.

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