Find the Meaning You Need

To make sense out of your life 

You deserve to live a deeply meaningful life.

Let's connect your inner knowing with your outer reality.

Let's connect your soul self to your human self for integration of your whole self.

"Wow! What a difference an hour makes. Our session completely turned me around."


On my life’s journey, I found that the more I included all aspects of who I am - the good, the bad, and the beautiful - the more love-filled and deeply meaningful my life became.

Have you noticed that we are in a major turning point on the planet? Humanity is evolving from ‘me’ to ‘we’. That means each of us MUST integrate all we are in order to make the shift to ‘we’.

  • We must heal our broken and fragmented parts.
  • We must bring them together, love them, and include them in our whole selves.

Throughout my life I have been on a quest to integrate the spiritual/soulful aspects of myself with my human self.

When I learned to embrace all of life’s gifts, including the struggles and the pain, I was able to transcend and shift into a life of joy and meaning.  

"Jonni has a way of making complex topics very easy to comprehend and offers a better understanding and successful transformation of personal difficulties."

Marielle Croft

Your life is like a roadmap. In hindsight, you'll be about to see it all - the raw & the real & the wisdom of your journey.

And I'm here to help you see how your past has prepared you for where you are now and where you are going. (Because often, that's not obvious.)

When I look back at my life, I can see where I was polarized. At one point, I valued spiritual/soulful over the human reality. Through that phase of my journey, I was frustrated with people and found everyday life mundane. 

Then, through a series of tremendous losses - divorce, the death of my father, mother, 3 sisters, and my only child - I found my human experience more important than anything or anyone else. I was in pain through my losses. I needed to reconnect with the gifts of spirit and soul and the wisdom of universal truth. (Thank you, Sage.)

The commitment to connecting my inner wisdom with soul wisdom allowed me to integrate the experience of soul AND human, to arrive where I am today: whole, at peace, in joy, and filled with gratitude. 

I found deep meaning and peace through the consistent willingness to be with the pain, to understand and integrate the experiences, and to find the wisdom of my life journey.

Today, because of my life experiences & expertise as a transpersonal psychologist and channel of Sage, I have never been more on purpose to help you. 

"With Jonni’s guidance I have gained much insight to explain some persistent emotional patterns. With a new deeper awareness I shifted the patterns and chose more life-serving ones instead."

Christina P.

You deserve a deeply meaningful life.

I'm here to guide, support, and help you squeeze the juice out of life, to ignite your passion, to re-energize your purpose, and to help you deepen the intimacy with yourself and others.

  • Are you simply going through the motions of life, struggling to tune out the noise of your daily grind, the news, politics, blah, blah, blah?
  • Are you feeling powerless to make change and getting caught in the mundane aspects of life?
  • Are you redefining your identity and maybe dealing with losses such as death, divorce, aging, and career?

Then my purpose is helping you find the greater meaning in every single one of YOUR experiences so you can increase YOUR joy and depth of living.

"It is much more than sharing information and insight. Jonni has a way of helping people to truly see themselves and understand the bigger picture of life. Not only has she helped me individually, but she is creating a mass of strong, intelligent, empowered, clear-sighted people around her, and around me. We are all growing and evolving together because of Jonni."


If you're searching, it’s because your soul is nudging you towards deeper understanding and deeper connection to all that life has to offer. 

For almost 30 years, I have been helping women and men break through the mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers that have kept them from experiencing greater meaning, joy, & love in their life.

My background as a transpersonal psychologist and woke coach provides the psychological foundation, and my decades as a channel of Sage's sacred guidance gives me the ability to share my gifts of clarity & perspective and hold others accountable to their inclusive whole self.

"I always recommend Dr. Jonni Gray.  I met her years ago and follow her to this day.  I trust her knowledge because it is a consistent long term stream of information from someone who studies the field of the psyche from all aspects and angles - the whole picture."


Here's how I can help YOU:


I will help you gain clarity on both your soul's journey and your life's journey, showing you where the two paths converge. Once you see the big picture and where you are on the map, we'll move on to connection.


I will help you connect the dots between where you've been, where you are now, and where your future is calling you. Because until you see the dots connecting, you won't feel on track.


I will help you identify the areas in your life that are ‘soul-sucking’, that are non-nurturing, that are blocking you. Then I'll guide you to see how to bring your polarities together for a juicier, more love-filled, deeply meaningful life.

Ready to join me on this journey of meaning & integration?


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