Have you ever been both distracted and extra focused at the same time? As though you're being pulled in two places at once?

I have, and I am now. And it's a weird, laser-sharp feeling that permeates my cerebellum 24 hours a day. (Cerebellum --> the little brain at the back of my brain that coordinates my balance.)

I have a new project, a new adventure, a new baby on the horizon. Not an actual baby, of course. But I still feel a gestation period happening. I'm planning for her, I've named her, I can't wait to birth her.

But in the meantime, I know to focus on the here and now. One foot in front of the other - as they say - although I'm feeling more like Tigger bouncing some days. Partly caffeine-fuelled, perhaps.

I'm breathing and loving and putting all the pieces together. And living my life as I glide through it.

I'm also talking to a lot of people who feel a similar wave, a comparable stance. They're saying they're living life day by day the best they can AND they're starting...

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Winter officially begins on December 21st, but most people have been getting that winter vibe for weeks now. The desire to focus inward, to reflect and reassess before responding, is the current feel.

The sights and sounds of winter surround us, but above us, the influences of the planets truly give us the depth and awareness that helps to explain our emotions and thoughts, so we can plan and prepare our choice of actions. Knowing the astrological energetics and influence gives us a head’s up for the season ahead.

That’s why I had my seasonal conversation with my favourite karmic astrologer, Marielle Croft ( the other day - before the actual Winter Solstice. I knew it was time to dive deeper into the astrological perspective of winter 2021. 


JONNI: Personally, I love the season of winter, Marielle. I know eclipse season is behind us now, but there’s something else equally powerful and potent this winter holds for us, isn’t...

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I talk to you nearly every day. The problem is, I don't usually write down what I say. And because of that, you get very few emails from me these days. I want to change that.

Instagram gets a much bigger part of me. I post twice a day, every single day there. But I don't chat with Instagram the way I chat with you.

As I go about my day, I'm telling you what I hope are amusing tales of observations and things happening in my life. They're rarely big or dramatic. Anymore. But they're real.

I'm comparing them to the bigger picture. The psychospiritual picture.

You feel like a comfortable friend that I want to stay in touch with. Because our relationship is important.

For example, recently, I heard myself tell you I finally got my new dishwasher - yes, before Christmas. So my dishpan fingernails are finally growing again. I told you about growth and waiting and convenience. It was a great conversation. In my head.

I also told you about my husband getting...

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I've had dishpan hands for 27 days now. Because 27 days ago my dishwasher broke. It gave a watercurdling sound (like bloodcurdling, but for appliances). Then it choked, sputtered, and stopped.

Naturally, I googled the make and model to try and source a DIY method of repair. I'm very much a do-it-yourself gal married to a do-it-yourself guy. But the sad news was there was nothing we could do, according to Google.

I love my Bosch dishwasher. She's so quiet and efficient I forget she's working hard for me. I appreciate her. I took good care of her. But still, her time had come.

Whenever an appliance (or anything, actually) breaks down, I don't just replace it, I upgrade it. It's like there's a built-in message for me that says, "You need a better one." I like that message.

So I found the next model Bosch, beamed at all the new features, and then tried to order it. I say "tried" because, well, you know, inventory shortage, disrupted supply chains, crazy prices...


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It's only been one week since we buried Romeo under the majestic conifer tree in our backyard. The same tree we sprinkled my son's ashes under, 9 years ago. It felt like the right thing to do. From my perspective, they were both very similar - except for one being in human form and the other in feline form.

They both had the biggest hearts, the most soulful presence. They both felt larger than life. They both presented as unusual, uncommon in this life. But what they had most in common, was a deeply felt connection with me.

The other day some friends popped round to bring us a gorgeous Fothergilla, in honour of Romeo. My husband, Blake told them about the first time we met Romeo. He said, "Our neighbours texted us that they had rescued a large cat but he wasn't settling into their home so they were going to have to bring him to the local SPCA. They said, come by first before we do. He's something else. You have to see him."

So we went over. I remember we sat on...

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Happy Thanksgiving. Do you have any plans this weekend? Are you looking forward to them? (That's not rhetorical; I'm really asking.)

I'm having dinner with my bubble friends.   (Thanks to COVID, from now on, they will always be known as my 'bubble friends'.) 

We'll have fantastic food and conversation. And maybe play a game. Something that will have us in stitches in no time. ("I can't believe you said that. Out loud!" )

But mostly, I'm planning on being present and lovingly attentive to those around me . - husband, friends, cats, the produce guys at my local grocer, the boss-gals digging through the huge boxes of decorative gourds and miniature pumpkin at the shops. 

This year, I've noticed I've really upped my 'ability to be present, without agenda or judgment game'. And I'm really thankful for that.

Everyone has really shown me they're on their own journey, their own way, at their own pace. AND that they're not all...

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Fall feels like it began early this year. The weather suddenly changed. Thankfully. The desire to regroup, reorganize, recreate is suddenly strong. 

More than the sights and smells have changed, so knowing the astrological energetics and influence can give you a head’s up for the season ahead.

That’s why I had my seasonal conversation with my favourite karmic astrologer, Marielle Croft ( the other day - before the actual Fall Equinox. I knew it was time to dive deeper into the astrological perspective of fall 2021. 


JONNI: It’s been an eventful summer as you know, Marielle. I feel the change of season, and I know the fall equinox is next Wednesday, so what’s the general atmosphere for fall 2021 according to the planetary influences?

MARIELLE: The fall equinox will be on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021, PDT. That’s when the Sun leaves Virgo to move into Libra. The day and the night are each of 12 hours. A time of...

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This time of year makes me a little melancholy. It's the change of season. It's in the air.

When you were a kid, late August meant summer was coming to an end. The endless days of playing outside were going to stop. You'd have to go to bed early. YOU HAVE SCHOOL IN THE MORNING.

Later, I remember the first few weeks of high school each year were an extension of summer: we didn't get a lot done, but we sure had fun.

Summer has the qualities of timelessness. The days are long. The schedules are loose. And feelings can run amok.

Actually, most things can run amok: wildfires, COVID and the Delta variant, vaccination information, the temperature, the number of unmarked graves at residential schools.

This summer, it was a lot. It made it more difficult to find the timelessness and joy in summer. You really had to try. And sometimes you were successful.

And now as summer turns into fall, we're likely leaving a lot of that amokness (  👈  my new...

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I googled my childhood home address recently. I was having a nostalgic moment - they come and go more frequently these days.

And it suddenly popped into my head that I could just put my old home address into my browser and see what came up. So I did.

Walking down memory lane can be just as heart-pumping as gambling in Vegas; you never know how it's going to turn out. So I held my breath and rolled the   dice. Or hit 'return', as my Macbook calls the dice.

The google search surprisingly gave me a number of options for my exact address. How could there be so many choices for one single house address?

Well, it turns out they've (whoever 'they' are) turned my 8.5-acre country childhood home into a Vipassana Retreat Centre.    I kid you not. A meditation centre!

I may have laughed out loud when I read it. I know I roared with laughter inside. How perfect, I thought.

Growing up, my small-town country life, my barefoot...

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Have you seen these words on the back of a car near you? I have. The first time I read them, I laughed out loud. And smiled. Because they're funny. AND true. 

As a society, we've been focused on achievements, accomplishments, and bragging rights for a long time now, and it's very freeing to focus on the whole, rather than the perceived best. I've seen more than enough versions of 'Proud Parent of an Honor Student', haven't you?

That's why I love how real those words are, on the back of the car. Not that feeling proud of your accomplished child isn't real. It's just not all there is.

So to single out their shining achievement and boast about it, isn't really about them, but rather, about their achievement. Which in turn makes those who don't focus on achievements, feel less than.

To me, being real is being accepted for all that we are, rather than the best that we accomplish.

Real has a range, and it's inclusive of everything in the range. It's not just...

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