23 years ago, the channelled energy of Sage suggested I hold my first in-person group. They said I would bring through the energy. I wasn’t so sure. But I trusted Sage and the energy of spirit, so I held my first group.

It was September. I held another one in October and each month after that. And the energy started to flow. The love was deep for me, but I didn’t know how to open that up for others, yet.

By the time we turned the corner on the new century (2000), I had moved my office from Granville @ 11th to a much bigger heritage-house-turned office on Howe @ Pacific. Sage requested I hold the groups every week, so Tuesdays became the drop-in evening for anyone and everyone who felt called to be in the energy when I spoke.

Back then I called them meditations - modern meditations - because I didn’t know what they were. Every Tuesday I held the space for the gatherings and sometime in there, Sage asked me to light more points on the map and find other locations as...

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When the leaves fall, I think of running. I used to run 4 km every day. In the morning. On a track.

I was a student at SFU back then, doing my undergrad work. I lived on campus, worked part-time on campus, and ran.

There were a few of us who hit the track every morning at dawn. We wanted to get ahead of the day before the world woke up. The sun came up later and later the further we got into fall, so we were often running in the dark.

I used to run with Terry Fox. Not with him. But at the same time. We were cordial running buddies. I ran in the opposite direction than he did because I didn't want to pass him. I never knew what he was practicing for. Until later.

Running in the dark fall mornings gave me a feeling of timelessness. Running around an outdoor track on top of a mountain under the stars meant I didn't have to focus on where I was going. My mind and body were free to bliss out. It was the best feeling, and one I am reminded of every fall.

There's something very seductive...

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These days I'm juggling a polarity of emotions and experiences from all those around me - both professionally and personally.

That's 2020 for you. It's all about the polarity range. And your power is in how you 'do' the polarity. How you see it, how you react to it, how you respond to it.

What's the polarity energy?

Think of it as the zigzag, the up and down, the back and forth.

It's a bipolar year and whiplash is almost a given.

It's you trying to make a decision in the uncertainty of this movement. It's you trying to stay the course, keep the calm, stop rocking the boat. Or stop the boat from rocking.

Some days are better than others. Some days you might not want to get out of bed.

And then things intensify again. The planetary retrogrades, the full moon, elections, COVID, technology glitches, the behaviours of others...

It all adds up and it can all be unusually stressful because it's filled with unknowns.

Unknown energy and facts have been off the charts in 2020. And...

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I'm thinking that this stage of the global pandemic will not last forever. But it will change things forever.

Our responsibilities are personal and global. We can't pretend it doesn't matter, it doesn't count, no one is looking. We're all connected. 

In a time when we're told not to touch our face, the pandemic is asking us to face the future. 

We're all going through a massive time of collective vulnerability right now. It's not just about COVID. It's an energetic. COVID is the external representation of the energetic. That means everyone will interpret or experience the energetic differently.

You can allow vulnerability to find your depth of kindness & compassion, your empathy & love. And that means moving from ME to WE. The collective vulnerability is pushing us that way.

That's why there's a great calling for collectives right now. It's calling all of us together to take care of the planet and every one of its...

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Last week, a client told me that expanding her reality was really just denying the facts. 

Yep, that would appear accurate from the three-dimensional physical-only reality perspective.  I mean, how can you deny the physical reality? You can’t and you shouldn’t. 

But there’s also more than three dimensions. There’s more than the physical. But the physical is still there and still begs for attention. As it should. 

When I hung up the phone call I tried to put myself in their position. I tried to go back many years ago to a time when the physical reality was so strong in my life that I couldn’t deny it. I remember thinking I had to make friends with it on some level. I had to go into it, through it, and out the other side. If that was even possible. And the only way I knew how to do that, was to go into the feeling of immense spaciousness.


When I was growing up, the physical reality was often so harsh, it took everything out of...

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When we can’t see the future clearly, we can still look up - to the planets - for their guidance and influence.

I had a conversation with my favourite karmic astrologer, Marielle Croft (, this morning. Each season we chat about the upcoming planetary movements and their influences in our lives. Our conversations are meant to provide insight and guidance as we deepen the understanding of influential factors.  

I love sharing these seasonal chats with you. That way we ALL reap the benefits of having a deep but quick glance around the upcoming and ongoing planetary influences.


JONNI:   Hello, Marielle. I love that we’re talking on the eve of the first day of fall - the fall equinox. It’s the perfect time to look at the planets and understand the realm of influence they have over the season. I know it’s not only the beginning of fall, but also eclipse season as well. And the planet Mars is retrograde right now...

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I lost my necklace yesterday. It was my new one - a shiny sparkly dragonfly necklace from my bestie. It wasn’t even 2 weeks old yet.

You know the feeling when you reach your hand to your throat to fiddle with your necklace and you come up empty-handed? Right. And she was right beside me when I did this and asked me what was wrong.

I did the usual. Looked around my personal space, jumped up and down in case it slipped into my bra or hair. (I lose a lot of stuff to those hiding places.)

It was nowhere.

But I had just arrived for a visit and I wasn’t going to panic. My bestie phoned my last location - Starbucks, naturally - and put them on alert. I knew I would leave in 20 minutes or so and retrace my steps. What else could I do?

When I left her place, I drove to ‘big bucks coffee’ again, carefully looked around, talked to the gals, then went home and retraced my steps there. Nothing.

But inside, I didn’t feel like I’d lost it. Inside, I felt...

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How ya doin'? If you haven't had a decent exhale in a few days, take a moment right now.

Isn't that better?

I had a virtual meet-up this morning with a group of bright and connected women who know that this global interruption is more than something to wait out.

We talked all about the current energetics, the deeper meaning, the everyday reality, and how this pandemic triggers everything you have been depressed or anxious about.

Desensitizing yourself to the emotions is NOT the way through it. The emotions that are being triggered are teachers. They're here to teach you to pay attention. 

There WILL be an end to this disruption, and where you land will be BECAUSE you moved INTO your triggered emotions - rather than avoid them.


As a psychotherapist, I know emotions.

As a mother who lost her only child 8 years ago, I know the grieving path - all the emotions - the shock, the anger, the loss, the search for meaning - all of it.

As a transpersonal...

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2020 is not over yet, no matter how much you may want to turn that calendar page

It's the last weekend of August and you're trying to be respectful of the pandemic and stay safe. I get it. Staycation it is.

But staying close to home doesn't mean staying indoors. Nature is the balm for your nervous system and right now, your nervous system needs all the support you can give it.

Want my advice?

Go outside. Visit a garden, a lake, the ocean, a mountain. Enjoy the last of the summer sun and blooming flowers. Feel the warmth and spaciousness of the earth. Watch the animals who are bolder now than ever.

Right now, you have everything you need to nurture your emotions, calm your thoughts, and unravel your tense body. Nature knows the secrets. Get close to her and you'll be brought into the circle of trust.

The old world is literally falling apart and the next one is breaking through, but it's not anywhere near time to push out the baby yet.

A new integrated world is SLOWLY being birthed but it still needs a lot of time, intention, dedication, and collaborative...

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I didn't want to know what that sticky stuff was, so I walked past it day after day.

It was under the bathroom vanity - you know, those drawers you keep everything in. 

One of mine is literally a junk drawer. It has everything I think I may need and everything I bought but never used. Well, maybe once.

My bathroom vanity drawers have lotions and potions of every kind. Nailpolishes and remover from the 90s (I think). All kinds of bath bombs and salts and scrubs. Did I mention I don't have a bathtub?

I have two bathroom drawers and they're both deep and wide. And like a woman's handbag, the bigger the bag, the more stuff you wind up carrying.

I use the top drawer for the things I need to grab right now and don't want to go looking for: toothbrush, face soap, tweezers (for chin hairs mostly, sad truth), hair scrunchies, my current favourite face cream. 

But the 2nd drawer is like my grandma's attic - scary, yet I know it's all going...

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We should talk. Really. 

Did someone you trust recommend me? Did you google-search 'spiritual psychologist'? Did you follow an internet link? There are no coincidences. I know at least 9 reasons why we should talk. Let me share them with you.